Hollywood Secrets: “Shaped By An Angel” by Angela Dean

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Shaped by an Angel™ is an innovative line of shapers specifically tailored to five

different body shapes to achieve a customized fit and targeted results. Women now

have the opportunity to enhance their natural form while minimizing trouble spots and

reducing the appearance of cellulite. Shaped By an Angel is made from Marena’s

patented F7-certified fabric and incorporates specially reinforced panels to lift, flatten,

and smooth the body. Women can now claim their shape and be very comfortable.






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15 Responses to Hollywood Secrets: “Shaped By An Angel” by Angela Dean

  1. Sheyrl Colclough says:

    Want to know how I can purchase the SHAPE by an Angel bodywear.

  2. Shyree Cotton says:

    Can you purchase Shaped By An Angel at retail?

  3. Cathy Henderson says:

    I saw advertised on Queen Latifah show looking for more information on how to buy and find correct fitting

  4. moniquea says:

    Hello I tried to visit the site that you listed in the previous post,but the site is down. I was wondering if there is any other way to view/purchase these items?


    can not get this on my web site

  6. K Pombo says:

    Do you have strapless shape wear?

  7. Lisa Park says:

    Where can I buy the shaper? Do they all get rid of cellulite?

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